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Hi! My name is Kayleigh but I've been called "KK" as long as I can remember. KP-Bug was one of my many childhood nicknames, so KPbug.com seemed natural.

I've been into photography most of my life. I pretty much started out just running around taking pictures of whatever I could find, but as I got older I started to try and make my pictures say something. I would love to be a professional photographer when I get older and see my pictures published in magazines. But you have to start somewhere, so I am starting HERE!

In addition to photography, I also love snowboarding. I've been snowboarding now for almost two years and I have to say I am pretty good at it.

I also love motorcycles. I have my own 1969 Harley Davidson Sprint, a Kawasaki 65 dirt bike, and a Honda 70 bobber that my dad built from my old Honda CRF70 dirt bike. I used to race motocross and wasn't too bad at that. I finished 10th in the State in my district in 2004.

I'm into just about every kind of music as long as it's good. I write a lot, mostly about my day or about how I'm feeling. I go through about one notebook a month. I like to draw too. I draw mostly pictures of what I see in my mind.

I have been diabetic since I was eight years old. I am working to deal with that, and getting more comfortable with it every day.

And I like to chill with my friends. My friends are pretty much my heroes. I'm pretty cool to chill with, and I mean no harm to anyone or anything. School for me is okay. I have many friends, and a couple of amazing best friends. I'm proud to say I am an average student. I used to be below average but I've been working hard, and caring more, and my grades are improving. I realize that what I do today reflects on me later in life.

Although I look like an average teenager, I am very complicated. Questions? Contact Me!

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